Just found a new passion: crochet

I Love Crochet - My Happily Ever Crafted

Hi! So, I wanted to share my experience with crochet. My grandma and mom knit and crochet a lot! They are really experts. So I have been always interested in learning a bit myself. My mom has been teaching me some of the basics of crochet and I have to say I just fell in love with it. Crocheting is so therapeutic and relaxing, I even found myself  having a hard time to stop crocheting at night. I just feel like I have found a new passion in my life.

New Crochet Supplies - My Happily Ever Crafted

Living in Mexico is sometimes hard because I can’t find some stuff on stores and that can be frustrating. What really prove to me that crochet is my thing is that I just found a crochet store nearby! They have everything you need to crochet, I was so excited in there, I’m actually surprised I didn’t spend more money.

Although my mom is teaching me, I also wanted to get some tutorials to learn more styles and stitches. Seeking for tutorial I found Crochet School at craftyminx site. I’m really impressed and excited to start taking her classes. The videos are very clear, she’s really good at teaching. If you’re interested in learning crochet I suggest you go visit her site. She even has a flickr site to share what you have learned.


Well, thanks for reading, I hope I can share my crochet creations really soon.

Have a nice day!


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