Wallpaper – I Create a Unique Life

Hey! I this week I’m going on vacation with hubby, something we are really expecting. Get some sunlight, pool time and yummy food, we really need some relax and us time.  Even though I’m about to get a nice trip I sometimes keep thinking I could be doing better, better vacation, better hobbies and so on. So I did this wallpaper to remind myself that I’m creating my life and it is unique and beautiful. I’m hoping that keeping this in mind will help me remind to not compare my life to others and value mine, because it is mine and wonderful.

As always I did this for my computer, but let me know if you would like another size and I’ll be happy to upload it. Click on the image to download the actual size.

Wallpaper - I Create a Unique Life - My Happily Ever After

And this is how it looks on my cellphone:

I Create a Unique Life - Mobile - My Happily Ever After

Try to remember your life is unique and you are creating it by every decision you take. Don’t compare your life, it is beautiful and unique!



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