Wallpaper – Accept Failure as Part of the Process

Hi there! It has been a bit long since I posted. Lately I have been dealing with some new and difficult situations, hubby and me are moving to Canada, so you can imagine how busy and nervous we are. Doing a lot of stuff for the first time can be very challenging and frustration, more when you’re a bit of a perfection seeker (of course not me.. haha!) I was a bit frustrated about somethings not working out the way I wanted to, or knowing that I failed on some of the steps of the process. I remember this quote: “Accept Failure as Part of the Process” which is a bit hard to hear and accept, but very true.

We all want to get it right on the first time and we feel really frustrated when we fail, but everyone fails at some point. Even the biggest and smartest people in the world have failed. I don’t think I’m close to enjoy failure, but at least I’m trying to keep in mind that failures is a very important part of the process. Hope you like the new wallpaper, have a nice day.

Wallpaper - Accept failure as part of the process

Wallpaper - Accept failure as part of the process


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