Crochet Cheat Sheet

Hi, this past week I have been teaching a friend crochet, I’m not a master… yet, but I have been teaching her the basics. As I was teaching her the basic stitches I thought how useful would be a cheat sheet with the basic stitches, for the ones who are learning and for the ones that could get a bit confused now and then (like me).

So here it is, hope it is helpful for you too.

Crochet Cheat Sheet

Have a nice day!

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19 thoughts on “Crochet Cheat Sheet

  1. This is really good, having it all together on one sheet + the diagramms. Thanks! I will print it out directly! just one question: is it UK or US terms? Thanks for sharing. Greetings from Germany

  2. Of all the sites on crocheting this is the best one I’ve found. I just wish you lived near me to help me more. Thanks again!

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  4. Such clearly written step by step directions. So helpful. I love learning new stitches as well as techniques.. If you would like to share, I’m sure that there are many of us who would love to learn more. I’ve been pretty much home bound, so your availability was very much appreciated. Thnx so much.

  5. This is a beautifully made, very clear chart! May I have your permission to print this out on a poster to help my Girl Scout troop as they learn to crochet?
    Kaitlin Brentana

  6. I am just learning to do symbol crochet. Your chart is the best I have seen. Could you add to it with more stitches.

  7. Thank you so much for this chart. What a genius wee idea. So clear with your instruction :) Best regards from Northern Ireland.

  8. At last I might be able to learn to crochet as the instructions look easy to follow – will be another craft interest!!!

  9. Very nice sheet. May I have your permission to print out this sheet and use it for teaching students to crochet?

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  12. Hi I’m Just a learner is there much difference between the uk stitches and the U.S. Ones. I’m from the uk but this break down of the stitches would really help me a lot.

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