Affirmations and criticism

Hello there… Probably you already know how much I like quotes and affirmations. I got the Louise Hay calendar and it’s great! I just love the daily kind reminders. Here’s one I really liked. Lately I have been struggling with criticizing. I know it’s not the more compassionate or kind thing to do, still hard […]

Quote – Accept failure as part of the process

Hi! One of the parts that I enjoy more is to create things that are positive, useful and maybe even motivating. I love quotes and colors, so I enjoy very much creating images with nice quotes. This quote is about failure, I think we all have a hard time accepting failure, accepting “bad” things, but […]

Hello World!

Hello world! I’m starting this blog just as a hobbie and hoping someone out there find it interesting. I’m a 26 years old woman, I’m married, from Mexico and a crafts lover. When I was a teenager I had a bit of a hard time, I have Borderline Personality Disorder. One day I met a […]