DBT Reminders

Hi there! So, I recently started taking some classes on Distress Tolerance and they teach Dialectical Therapy skills. We were talking about learning the skills but then having trouble reminding them. So, I created this cellphone wallpapers to help us remember. This is for all the Distress Tolerance class!

Cellphone Wallpaper - Stop! Use your skills

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It’s a bad day, not bad life – Free printable

Hi there. Sometimes when something in my day goes wrong, I tend to make it really big and I have a hard time to remember that it is just ONE thing in my day, it doesn’t mean that everything is wrong. Even if the whole day was a bad day, it doesn’t mean that everything in my life is bad (sometimes it escalates even to this). So there is a phrase that I love to help me remember me things are not all bad:  It’s a bad day, not a bad life.

So to help me remember, I did this wallpaper for my phone:

It's a bad day, not a bad life

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Wallpaper – I am infinite

Hello there! So this past year in my life was all about getting my mind and emotions in order, I don’t think I’m done with it, but I made a lot of improvements. I want this year to be focused on my spiritual improvement. I have being reading some Wayne Dyer books and I’m just loving them. I found this phrase and really liked it and want to have it on my mind all day long: “I am infinite. I am one with the source. I am one with the intention.”  The way I usually do that is by creating a wallpaper for my computer and my cellphone, so here it is:

Mobile Wallpaper I Am Infinite - My Happily Ever Crafted

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Crochet Cheat Sheet

Hi, this past week I have been teaching a friend crochet, I’m not a master… yet, but I have been teaching her the basics. As I was teaching her the basic stitches I thought how useful would be a cheat sheet with the basic stitches, for the ones who are learning and for the ones that could get a bit confused now and then (like me).

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Wallpaper – Accept Failure as Part of the Process

Hi there! It has been a bit long since I posted. Lately I have been dealing with some new and difficult situations, hubby and me are moving to Canada, so you can imagine how busy and nervous we are. Doing a lot of stuff for the first time can be very challenging and frustration, more when you’re a bit of a perfection seeker (of course not me.. haha!) I was a bit frustrated about somethings not working out the way I wanted to, or knowing that I failed on some of the steps of the process. I remember this quote: “Accept Failure as Part of the Process” which is a bit hard to hear and accept, but very true.

We all want to get it right on the first time and we feel really frustrated when we fail, but everyone fails at some point. Even the biggest and smartest people in the world have failed. I don’t think I’m close to enjoy failure, but at least I’m trying to keep in mind that failures is a very important part of the process. Hope you like the new wallpaper, have a nice day.

Wallpaper - Accept failure as part of the process

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Wallpaper – I choose to be unstoppable

Hi there! Last week I saw an image posted in “Healing from BPD” Facebook and I felt really inspired by it. I just loved the quote and I felt like that message should stick with me for a while. The best way for me to remember a message is to make something nice and creative with it, so here is the wallpaper I did for this message:

Wallpaper - Choose to be unstoppable.

I honestly loved this wallpaper, I mean I like all the ones I do, but this one is just beautiful. Hope you enjoyed it too. Remember, if you want another size for this wallpaper, just let me know, I’ll be happy to create it for you.

Thanks, have a nice day.